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Is Fly-In 2013

So, this year's Ice Fly-In harvested. This year, everything worked 100%, weather, flight routes kondition, implementation, etc.., All with one exception: a camera suddenly battery problem. Our ambition was otherwise all our visitors could be finding themselves in photo series below, now it is gaps in our dukumentation.
The course consisted of a little packed, frozen hard snow. This gave a good performance if we need it. No wind. Everyone was very happy, pleasant and lyrical and I think everyone has been looking forward to this weekend.
For everyone's knowledge can be communicated that we plowed up about 20 000 m2 runway (20 x 1,000 m) and as much of the presentation plate + taxiways, a total of about 42 000 m2.
On Saturday the 70 planes and on Sunday 15 planes. Many people from Norway and one from Åland. Despite the high pressure, so there was a little snow here and there, perhaps so that part was set. Because the forecast for Sunday's weather was very good stayed six planes overnight, four Norwegian and two Swedish plan. Sunday morning offered cold weather but we had fixed the electricity to the plan so there was no problem with starting. At night we were out at a restaurant for a little fellowship.
During half an hour in the morning landed the 23 plane and it was a queue at the siding plate. How many lands it at the Arlanda airport? Luckily Arlanda control brought in extra staff ...
Also thank the neighboring flight clubs Siljansnäs, Borlänge and Dala Järna. Without their help, it has become a problem because we have a small organization and it also unfortunately few sets.
Next year's Ice Fly-In is normally the first weekend after the Vasa race, ie on 8 - 9 March.
Until then, have a good flight season!
Rättviks Flying Club
Sune Westhed

13 03 06

Everything looks very good. Tomorrow we polish off some drifting snow on some places, and make the ramp higher. As the weather looks like we are expecting a major invasion of the aircraft and the audience.
Double room available for rent at Four Horses of 675 per room.
Electrical outlets are available but while with a power cord for safety.
Saturday is the main day that includes Avans show. Hamburgers and hot dogs on Saturday. The Pilot bar served coffee electric sandwich. On Sunday we are there but no hamburgers electricity sausages sold then.
Welcome to a pleasant day

13 02 18

Today - Monday - we have made some "scratching" with the snow blower again. Got unfortunately cancel because a gap opened up so there was snow in both directions.
It is now very good land, the route is about 10-11 m wide and 900 m long. The southern half is a little narrower. A little snow and some ice, braking about 50%. On Wednesday, the be completely finished, we hope.

13 02 16

Yesterday - Friday - we tried to make a string but it failed. The snow was a little too wet so it got stuck again in snow blower. After a few laps we gave up. Will continue when it gets colder.
Got atleast up a string of about 5 m, so maybe it's ok for someone Biggles pilot ...

13 02 13

Must begin plowing in the coming days.
There has been a lack of information on the page in recent weeks but it depends on the transfer of domain.

13 02 03

Checked the ice thickness Today, about 33 cm

13 02 02

This morning came the 2 inches of snow on the ice, so now it's "pale" landing in force.

13 02 01

Now it's landing on offense Siljan ice. Very good and nice ice, have not measured but estimated about 25-30 cm thick. Will measure tomorrow. In northern end (towards islet and iceberg) is someone who has been and driven snow blade before it became thaw why it has become edges that do not melt down. Probably skating path, even though we skate club on several occasions that do not track where the flight route should be. Boring!
Plan setting at least 100 m from the island plus own reconstruction.

13 01 08

Now is preparing and planning for this year's Ice Fly-In, which is usually the beginning of flight season for many pilots.
We hope for good weather and good ice.