Our Flying Club

At some moment in their lives, most people imagine themselves gliding in the skies like birds. For many of the inhabitants here in Rättvik, these dreams have been realized. Already in the mid-1930s, the Örnen (Eagle) Flying Club was established in Vikarbyn and whose members included Gustaf Wärnfeldt and the brothers Elis, Sven och Folke Lidell. They were later joined by Funk Anders. Together, they acquired a SG 38 Schulgleiter and in 1938 arranged an air display on the frozen Lake Siljan down by the Långbryggan.

In 1946, the foreman Hans Hansson, a Chairman of the local council, and merchant Henning Mårthans, jointly attempted to build an airfield in Rättvik. A suitable area of land was found for the purpose, but the proposal met with local resistance and eventually came to nothing.

In 1949, the Flying Club’s history entered a second phase. The election of a new committee at a meeting chaired by the Council Chairman in Rättviksgården resulted in a general consensus of opinion now in favour of establishing an airfield in Rättvik.

At its peak, the club was very active with over 100 members including the legendary Rolf von Bahr and Bertil Florman of the KSAK. Nevertheless, the plans to build an airfield were delayed once again.

But rather than surrender, Henning Mårthans, Per Perjons and Lei Bokström began negotiations in 1960 to buy some land close to Tina for a north-south strip, with possibilities to add another running east to west. Although the plans involved 34 land exchanges, involving some very complex questions of ownership, the land acquisition committee was able to finalize a contract for the purchase. The civil aviation authority and all other local authorities were also of a positive opinion. But when it was put before the local government committee, a civil servant/politician – backed by animal and bird interest groups - succeeded in halting the project.

Needless to say, enthusiasm and interest declined - - - for a while.

Today, the club has 25 members, about 13 A-B + helicopter. In all likelihood, Rättvik Flying Club holds the world record for existence without an airfield! Now we are working to put this record behind us. Plans to establish an airfield, south of Rättvik near Söderås alongside the highway to Falun, are now at an advanced stage. The atmosphere has never been more positive, possibly as a result of the highly successful Slide-In held on the frozen Lake Siljan. This event has grown year to year with no less than ninety aircraft visiting in 2005. An increasing number now realize that an airfield would be a valuable asset for the whole area.